Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Group Study Rooms @ Your Library (Townsville)

So, there's a group of you and you're looking for a place to study?

The library has a number of areas where a group can study together - including some with "special" features.

On the first floor, we have a small group discussion room behind the toilets on the Eastern side of the building. This room has whiteboards, but you may have to bring your own whiteboard markers.

On the second floor, we have a large group discussion room at the Eastern End, which can accommodate several groups at once. It also has whiteboards (bring your own markers).

Down at the Western end of the top floor, we have what we like to call our Group Presentation Room. Yes, this room also has a whiteboard - but that's not all. No, the Group Presentation Room also comes equipped with two projectors and facilities for connecting your lap-top. That's right, you can all gather together to work on a computer presentation, create a PowerPoint display or watch the media clips you need for your assignment and everyone can see what you're working on projected onto the wall in living colour.

If you're not impressed by the likes of whiteboards and projectors, we also have a number of spaces around the library where you can just gather around a nice big table and chat. Down at the Eastern End on the first floor is an area we like to call "the nook", which has tables, chairs and beanbags. At the opposite end of the building there are tables just to the side of the InfoHelp desk, some between the Main and Reference collections and some more down in the Curriculum area, near the CDs and Scores. There are also tables for group work located on the second floor near the toilets on the Eastern side.

If you are looking for a whiteboard, but all of the rooms are taken, we also have a mobile whiteboard which you can take to one of the other areas.

With so many areas for group work and discussion, you'd be forgiven for thinking we don't have any quiet places to study, but we do. There are a number of total silence zones in the library, and we ask our patrons to respect the fact that people in those zones need the quiet to get work done.

Basically, if you need a space to work on your assignments - either quietly on your own or with a group, the Library should be at the top of your list. Come in and see what we have to offer.

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