Monday, 23 March 2009

Cairns Library Closed 28-29th March

Due to the Cairns campus wide power outage the Cairns Library will not be opening on Saturday 28 March and Sunday 29 March.

See details below:

To the JCU Cairns Community

Power Shut down to JCU Cairn Campus from 0730hrs Saturday 28th of March 09 to 1700hrs Sunday 29th of March.

This work is due to two contracts, firstly the Dentistry Project HV work and secondly installing power correction factor units around the campus.

Building A4 will be the only building with Ergon power available for duration of the weekend.There will be main air conditioning only to Building A4. There will be no connection available to the main computer server in the Library Building from Building A4.

The power outage will affect the following services:
  • Power outage will affect Computer networks, Computers, and Servers site wide.
  • Power outage will affect Security network site wide
  • Power outage will affect Fire indication system site wide
  • Power outage will affect Phone system, PABX, intercoms, etc site wide.
  • Although many of the above will have UPS and/or battery backup they may not hold for the 2 days power is off.
  • Power outage will affect all Freezers & fridges (Ice Cream freezers, Kitchen food, etc will be off for 2 days)
  • Power outage will affect security lighting site wide
  • Power outage will affect water and sanitary pumping stations site wide
If you require any essential services to your buildings / research projects/ collections etc during this weekend please notify myself and the FMO will accommodate any reasonable request.

We know that this will be inconvenient for some but this work must be done. We appreciate your assistance in preparing for this power outage period.

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