Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Book Review: The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee

“When I opened the lid the smell of fifty-cent-sized raindrops hitting dry earth escaped… Up rose the scent of green apple shampoo. Of river stones once the flood has gone. The taste of winter sky laced with sulphur fumes. A kiss beneath a white-hearted tree. A hot still day holding its breath”

This is what you can expect when you read “The Anatomy of Wings” by Karen Foxlee. The story is told by 10 year old Jennifer Day and tries to answer the questions that no one can answer after the death of her teenage sister Beth.

It is set in a small regional mining town. In fact this town is very closely based on Mount Isa, which is where the author grew up. Foxlee provides wonderful descriptive passages on the town, surrounding landscape, the lake, smelters, how the mine dominates the town skyline and through her writing brings the town and its inhabitants, especially those who live in Dardanelles Court, to life exposing how they deal with their grief and pain. "There was an open cut inside here... At some point they stopped looking into each other's eyes. Eva talked. Joseph sang. And the years poured through their fingers"

Definitely worth reading, even though very sad and depressing in places it showed the resilience of the human spirit and how time can help heal the pain of loss.

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