Tuesday, 13 April 2010

GeoGarden Development (rear of Mabo Library)

For the next 10-11 weeks, a construction site will be set up across the rear of the Mabo Library (southern side) to construct the new Geology Education Garden. This will relocate and re-develop the presentation of rock and fossil specimens currently located just on the eastern side of the Library, which was a Bicentenary Project.

The plan of the new GeoGarden shows a new entrance to the Library on the southern side, an enlargement of the existing narrow footpath across the area, a new path running more obliquely across the area (the ‘ant trail’), new planted beds, trees, grassed mounds etc.

The new path will be lit to security levels with LED lights (very low energy consumption) and in the future, both rock specimens and trees will be up-lit for special occasions such as JCU Birthday and other important occasions.

Also in the future, the car-park currently to the western side of this area will be relocated to meet the new entrance path, which will then be enhanced with welcome totems and a water feature. New rock specimens will be added as they are acquired and a special feature will be the inclusion of plant varieties which are significant to the traditional owners of this wonderful area.

So during the construction period just starting, please ensure that you do not enter this restricted area and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the need to walk around, rather than across it.

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