Monday, 6 December 2010

Paediatric Pharmacopoeia

Produced by the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, this online pharmacopoeia provides dosage guidelines and practical notes for safe and effective prescribing in infants and children. The intended audience is Australian general practitioners, paediatricians, pharmacists, nurses and health care institutions.

Available to JCU staff and students on campus and off campus from links in Tropicat  (the library catalogue), the Library's databases page, or directly from


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could make this a little more accessible. I clicked on the orange title, as it appeared to be an active link. That took me no-where. I then clicked on the Tropicat link but by the time I got to type in the key words I'd forgotten how to spell pediatric Pharma ... and was admonished for my misspelling. Could you make a direct link to the page?
It's a wonderful idea, I grant. I just want to be able to get at it.

Sharon B said...

You'll find the URL at the bottom of the post is the direct link through to the resource. That's this one, here:

The orange title is a hyperlink within the blog to the page where you can see the full post, including comments. It's the same for every blog using Blogger. Some people use this to do clever things like only giving you part of the post on the main page, while the rest can be seen after you click on the link. We're a bit boring and put the whole post on the main page (but you still need to follow a link to get to the comments).

As for the other links? Sorry if they were a bit confusing. We like to direct you towards Tropicat and our databases pages whenever we can, because we have a lot of good stuff there and you might find something useful while you are looking for something else.