Monday, 27 June 2011

Best Wishes to all JCU Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander staff and students for NAIDOC Week

Wadda Mooli. The 2011 National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week from 3rd of July to the 10th of July is coming up. The staff at the Mabo Library wish all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and students have a great week celebrating.

This week is for us Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mobs to celebrate our culture and achievements in all its forms. The theme this year is Change: the next step is ours. We are still in turbulent and troubled times, but we are currently going through a moment in recent Indigenous history where more of us and our cultures are entering and being embraced by Australian society with us in charge. We have ongoing land and sea rights claims being decided in our favour. We have more young people completing high school according to the latest census results. Despite recent setbacks in community control areas, there are still many programs and organisations being run by us and for us. The biggest change though is more Indigenous people are entering into; the private commercial world; the main career stream of government and business organisations; the arts; and of course sports management on their own terms (the Indigenous Rugby League All Stars game idea comes from one of our own). Our book display touches on some of the titles that reflect the theme The next step is ours and promotes the Townsville NAIDOC events. My recommendation is the First Australians, a history of us mob, edited by us mob.

As the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library Liaison Officer, part of my role is to promote our culture to the non-Indigenous staff and students at James Cook University. I would like all the non-Indigenous readers to go to the NAIDOC link and find the closest events and come and celebrate with us (I know the Townsville NAIDOC committee is seeking volunteers and has stalls available and event tickets to purchase).

And my last word, I want all of you whether you're Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, International or Aussie up at the Mabo Library taking books off the NAIDOC display.

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