Saturday, 1 October 2011

Exams Are Approaching!

Well, okay, they are still a few weeks away, but now is exactly the right time to start thinking about them. If you start getting into exam preparation mode now, then you should be right on top of things by the time the exams actually start.

We usually put up a book display concerning Exam preparation and study skills in about Week 11 or 12, but you don't have to wait for us to show you what we have - you can go straight to our resources. Try going though the Power Search part of our catalogue and look for "study skills" as a Subject Keyword, then something relevant to you ("psychology" or "law", for example - or "exams*") as a Keyword.

Or you could go to the Browse Search in the catalogue and try looking for something like this: Examinations -- study guides

And, don't forget, while we have study skills resources, the Learning Centre has study skills workshops. You can come along to one of their workshops, or make an appointment with one of the Learning Advisors. The following workshops are coming up in the next few weeks:
Studying for Exams sessions in Weeks 11 and 12 [Townsville]

Week 11 - Exam revision
Tuesday 11 October 1-2pm in Room 151 Building 17
repeated Thursday 13 October 2-3pm in Building 5 (Central Lecture Theatre)

Week 12 - Exam tactics
Tuesday 18 October 1-2pm in Room 151 Building 17
repeated Thursday 20 October 2-3pm in Building 5 (Central Lecture Theatre)

To register for any of these sessions please email Peter Hanley

You can also access the online material on Learning Skills at Learning skills online
And you aren't left out in Cairns. The Studying for Exams workshop was last week, but the Exam Tactics workshop is on the 6 October. You can contact Alan Calder for more details.

Oh, and when you go to one of these sessions, remember to tell them the librarians sent you. You'll get a special discount (it's "special" because it's really hard to give a discount on something that's already free)

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