Monday, 19 December 2011

Credo Christmas brainteaser

This week’s brainteaser is about things connected with Christmas.
  1. The three gifts that the Wise Men brought to the infant Jesus were traditionally gold, frankincense, and what else?
  2. What is the date of the first day of the Twelve Days of Christmas?
  3. When drilling for oil or gas, what is a Christmas tree?
  4. What phrase is used for a late-night church service on Christmas Eve?
  5. In Charles Dickens’s novel “A Christmas Carol”, what was the name of Tiny Tim’s father?
  6. A yule log is a large log which used to be put on the hearth as the foundation for the fire – on which day?
  7. In which book by Louisa May Alcott did someone say “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents”?
  8. What is the English title of the Christmas carol which is “Adeste Fideles” in Latin?
  9. In the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…”), what total of gifts was given over the whole twelve days: 78, 280, or 364?
  10. According to Clement C. Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas”, Father Christmas had eight reindeer. Can you name six of them? 
Use Credo Reference to find out the answers to the questions you don't know, or go to the Credo Reference Friday Brainteaser Christmas answers.
Quiz by Tony Augarde.

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