Thursday, 16 February 2012

Featured eBooks: Study skills

Passing Your Weak Subjects: You Are Much Better Than You Think. Do you have a weak subject you just have to pass? Ideal for students of any subject, this highly accessible and practical study guide gives you quick and easy strategies to help you make decisive progress in the subjects you find difficult or uninteresting, leaving you free to concentrate on the subjects you love.

Student-Friendly Guide: Write Great Essays! This accessible and succinct guide will enable students to read and write effectively and efficiently--leading to grades that do justice to the work they put in. Practical hints and suggestions that really work are coupled with insights into academic writing, critical reading, and methods of presentation.

The Study Skills Guide: Essential Strategies for Smart Students. Successful high school students don't always have the right study skills to succeed in college. This book offers practical, proven ways of meeting the challenge of college learning. Aimed at college freshmen as well as high school students preparing for college, it offers tips and study approaches that make studying manageable, time-efficient, and enjoyable.

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