Thursday, 29 March 2012

LearnJCU and email for students who are or have been casual staff

It is important for students who have been employed as a casual staff member to check their staff email account, as LearnJCU uses your staff email address for communication. Your staff account will remain active for 6 months following the end date of your contract and will continue to be used for LearnJCU communication through this time. Some common questions include:

Why can’t my student email be loaded into LearnJCU?
The business rule for clients who are both staff and student, is that the staff email is used. The Blackboard software, upon which LearnJCU is based, does not allow an individual to have separate staff and student profiles. Alternatives are being investigated for 2013.

How do I check my staff email?
Log onto using your staff email – Your password is the same as your student email. If you have trouble logging in, contact

Can I re-direct my staff email to my student email account?
No, due to legislative record keeping and archival requirements, JCU policy does not allow automatic redirection of staff business email accounts.

Can I re-direct my student email to my staff email account?
This option is available but it is not recommended. To find out how to redirect your student email; see How do I redirect my personal/student email to my staff account. NOTE: If you do set up a re-direction, you will need to de-activate the re-direction when your staff email account expires.

How will I know when my staff email account is going to expire?

A notification email will be sent to your staff email account 1 month prior to its
expiry date.

LearnJCU Enquiries
For all general LearnJCU enquiries, please fill in the Ask LearnJCU request or email

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