Thursday, 17 May 2012

What to do when you can't reach the Library webpages

Every now and then something happens that disrupts the connection between JCU and the rest of the world. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a contractor with a shovel severing the wrong cable, sometimes it can be as complicated as a server... ah... doing something that servers are not supposed to do (dammit, Jim, I'm a librarian - not a software engineer, I don't have to know the technical terms for what servers do). Once, it turned out the problem was a possum dying in an inconvenient location. These things happen.

When these things happen, the people on campus are usually incapable of getting to off-campus sites and the people are off-campus won't be able to access any JCU pages. This can be somewhat awkward if you are studying for an assignment and wanted to use the Library's databases.

However, if you need to get hold of the Library resources, you don't actually have to be able to get onto the Library's web site. Most of our databases and web resources can be accessed through OneSearch or the LibGuides - both of which are off-campus sites.

So book mark these two addresses:
And hopefully you'll be able to keep working while we're trying to track down the solution to the problem.

By the way, this news blog is also hosted on an off-campus site, and if we can we'll try to use it to keep you posted whenever there's a problem.

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