Monday, 10 September 2012

Get ready for the 2012 solar eclipse

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Between about 6.30am and 6.45am on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 (AEST), northern Australia and the Pacific Islands will be plunged into darkness due to a total solar eclipse. One of the best spots to view the eclipse will be in Cairns. Go to the Cairns Regional Council website for the timing and duration of the eclipse within the region.

Not surprisingly, the people of Cairns are making the most of being hosts for the eclipse, and so much fun and merriment is scheduled around the event - including the Eclipse 2012 Festival. A quick Google search also reveals that conferences have been scheduled around the event, and there will also be many local parties, so plan ahead if you want to witness this natural phenomenon. 

JCU Library has some interesting books on astronomical events.  You may find them interesting if you have any time to read them between completing your assignments, and preparing for your exams:

The 50 best sights in astronomy and how to see them: Observing eclipses, bright comets, meteor showers, and other celestial wonders (ebook)
David Levy's guide to eclipses, transits, and occultations (ebook)
Glorious eclipses: Their past, present, and future (book)
Observations and predictions of eclipse times by early astronomers (book)

Warning: Make sure you don't look directly at the sun during the eclipse as you might cause serious and permanent damage to your eyesight. The Queensland Government offers advice on safely viewing astronomical events.

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