Friday, 19 April 2013

Create a My Research folder in Proquest Database

ProQuest is one of our most popular databases and contains a variety of resources from scholarly journals and trade magazines as well as news wire feeds that I was told the President of the United States looks at. When you do a search of ProQuest you also get access to the eBrary AcademicComplete eBook collection covering a range of disciplines. 

Many scholars be they the digital native undergraduate to a seasoned post-graduate researcher are trying to keep pace or catch up with the digital age of researching.  A common issue is wanting to go back to a previous searches that we now realise had great results or a particular resource we had found much earlier that will be useful now. ProQuest will allow you to export, bookmark, save or download an item or save search strings and search string results.

ProQuest allows you to create an account called My Research. You can save whole search strings, create email alerts and RSS feeds as new items are added that fit that search string. Save single items in folders by topic or tag it with a more meaningful name for easier retrieval. You can share these with fellow scholars which might be useful for an undergraduate group assignment or larger literature reviews done by a group of researchers.

Access to the ProQuest database is from the Library & Computing Services page
  • Click the Databases image in the bottom left
  • Browse to P for ProQuest and click through
  • On the ProQuest homepage find the link to My Research and set up an account
The account is not attached to JCU so if you leave you can still access the information but maybe not the articles in the ProQuest database. Access to ProQuest databases occurs via a paid subscription which as a student or staff member of JCU is organised as part of your enrollment or employment period. If you are a JCU graduate or ex-employee an option is to register as an Alumni, as membership benefits include access to ProQuest.

Most databases and search engines have similar features and other workarounds exist like copying and pasting the title. Dedicated software like EndNote also can help you organise and save your search results.

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