Monday, 30 June 2014

New One Search Launched

Library & Information Services is pleased to announce that the new version of One Search is now live.
Based on comprehensive user studies and data analysis of hundreds of millions of searches the new interface provides new and enhanced features providing layers of contextual guidance including:
  • RWD for smooth operation on any screen size
  • Topic Explorer will automatically display definitions and encyclopaedic entries for popular search terms sourced from Library resources including Credo. Link to any relevant Libguides and related topics will display
  • Flexible Advanced Search Form
  • Automated Query Expansion translates common usage terms into their technical equivalents e.g a search for heart attack will draw in results for myocardial infarction while still giving the user the option to not use the suggested term
  • Content Spotlighting embeds structured search results for news and images inside the search results page
  • New Discipline facet can be used to limit results to a particular discipline
  • Recommendations for specialist databases
  • Non-research online resources from study skills to library opening hours
  • Endless scroll with embedded related search suggestions
  • Real-Time Reference Help Integration
  • Links to Scholar Profiles
Over the next few weeks we will be refining and adding configuration data to take full advantage of the increased search functionality available in the new version.

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