Friday, 12 September 2014

Exam Scanning at the Library 2014

Teaching Staff will be gearing up for exams soon and the information for the exam scanning procedures is located under the Teaching Support Services page along with other Teaching Support Service information like New Staff Guide, Reserve Online and Copyright Information.

The Exam Processing pages links to a full Exam Scanning explanation from which this short extract is taken:
  • Scanning of single sided and double sided multiple choice exam papers is the responsibility of Lending Services staff from Information and Research Services in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library building (Townsville).
  • Normally all documents are scanned and processed within 24 hours of receipt however this may take longer during peak times. 
  • Charges: $18.00 per set plus 26 cents per sheet scanned. The School account code must be provided on the Batch Header Sheet.
  • Papers can either be hand delivered to Lending Services on the ground floor of the Library Building, mailed or sent by courier to the Library Building DA018, JCU Townsville marked to the attention of Lending Services.
  • All batches MUST be accompanied by an Answer Sheet and a completed Batch Header Sheet.

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