Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More bicycle racks outside Townsville Mabo Library

JCU Library loves bike riders. In response to constant demand for extra secure space to chain a bike other than the disabled access ramp handrails, there are now two extra bike racks near the northern entrance on the grassed area.

Other bike racks exist at the eastern end of the library (near the 24 hour computer lab access) and on the southern side entrance out to the carpark.

We ask that patrons who chain their bikes to handrails at the entrances to consider the needs of people who utilise the disabled access ramp for their wheelchairs or are on crutches or need to grasp the rail for assistance and to opt to use the bike racks.

JCU Bicycle User Group Townsville also operates a bike shed which is a secure shed located at the western end closest to the Uni Club and has a bike mechanic available to help.With limited parking space and the cost of fuel, riding your bike is a smart idea

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