Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Book Display recommendation: When Boys Become Boys

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 A  title of interest: 
When Boys Become Boys: Development, Relationships and Masculinity  by Judy Y. Chu
Call number: 305.230811 CHU

A study of how young boys of kindergarten age develop concepts of masculinity that impacts on and is impacted by their relationships to other people including boys their own age. Quite engaging from the start. As a parent of children in kindergarten, there are some interesting points on how young children are responding to their peers and the wider society in deciding what is correct gender behaviour. It then seems to elaborate on how these created rules of male behaviour impacts on their ability to connect to their humanity as a self and to the humanity of other people. This loss of connection flows through to possible behaviour problems and relationship problems seen as male.

For more information read the publishers description and the author's blog.

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