Thursday, 5 February 2015

350 Years of Journals

JCU Library and Information Services purchases subscriptions to journals and periodicals in both online and physical formats. This form of academic research literature is celebrating an anniversary in 2015.

According to Force11, 2015 marks the 350th anniversary of the publishing of the first scientific journal  - by the Royal Society of London.  

This journal is considered to be of importance as it laid the foundations for the peer review processes and was the beginning of the archiving and distribution of research. Both Issac Newton and Charles Darwin published papers in it. 

The Force 11 webpage posed two interesting questions:
  • Is the scholarly article still fit for its purpose in this data-driven world, with new interdisciplinary methodologies and increasing automation?
  • What can we learn from 350 years of successful and continuous publication of peer-reviewed science in the face of changing scholarly practice?  
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