Thursday, 10 December 2015

International Mountain Day

Mount Stuart
Mount Stuart. Society for Growing Australian Plants

Go climb one. Paint, ski or farm it. Study its amazing geology. Mountains cover around 27 percent of the earth’s land surface and play a critical role in moving the world towards sustainable economic growth. They not only provide sustenance and wellbeing to 720 million mountain people around the world, but indirectly benefit billions more living downstream. International Mountain Day on the 11th of December celebrates all that mountains mean to mankind.

Just one of many interesting mountain themed books held by JCU Library is Himalayan dreaming: Australian mountaineering in the great ranges of Asia, 1922-1990 which tells the story of Australian mountaineering in the great ranges of Asia, from the exploits of a brash, young colonial with an early British Himalayan expedition in the 1920s to the coming of age of Australian climbers in the 1980s.

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