Friday, 3 June 2016

Mabo Day June 3rd 2016

Take a moment to reflect on this Mabo Day June 3rd 2016.

Twenty four years ago in 1992 the Mabo decision was handed down by the High Court of Australia, causing a massive change in the Australian legal landscape, prompting legislative changes in Australia, and a national reflection on the country's history and treatment of Australia's first peoples.

For James Cook University staff, students, and alumni the Mabo court case is highlighted by our Townsville campus library building being named after Eddie Koiki Mabo the lead plaintiff in the court case. Eddie Koiki Mabo was a past student and staff member of the University. The University also was a place where significant events leading to the case occurred.

In the cities of Townsville and Cairns you may find that there are community public marches or events held to mark the day put on by local Torres Strait Islander community members and groups.

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