Friday, 5 August 2016

New Digital Streaming Recommendation: Four Corners: Future Proof

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A title of interest is:
Four Corners: Future Proof 
(Available online: Digital stream of TV episode)

Item Description:
This item is part of our digital collection. It can be viewed via streaming through our Kanopy online subscription. This was an investigative episode by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation show Four Corners in 2016. The show description is as follows There are startling and credible predictions that more than five million Australian jobs will simply disappear in the next 15 years, as a result of technology. That's 40% of the jobs that exist in Australia today. What do you want to be when you grow up? Answering that question is only going to get harder as many of the jobs our kids will do haven't been invented yet. And if parents believe that steering their kids towards "safe" professions like accountancy will guarantee them a job, they're in for a shock. There will be winners and losers in some surprising areas as more and more jobs become automated or operated by intelligent computers. The loss of these jobs will be challenging for the existing workforce as there may simply not be enough jobs to go round.

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