Friday, 17 March 2017

Australian Literary Studies Updates

Whether you're studying literature or not, Australian Literary Studies (ALS) is well worth a browse!

A fully refereed journal focusing on Australian literary criticism, ALS is one of the primary sources for knowledge about Australian literature. New volumes are available as Open Access for roughly a month before becoming part of the ALS Archive. As JCU has a current subscription to the Archive, JCU users are able to access any content from ALS back to its beginning in 1963. The most recent issue, Volume 32, No. 1, has just been published, and is well worth a look with two new articles on Gwen Harwood and Tim Winton.

‘Having Fun with the Professors’: Gwen Harwood and Doctor Eisenbart by Ann-Marie Priest discusses the career of Australian poet Gwen Harwood and the struggles she faced in breaking into the male-dominated world of Australian poetry. Throughout her career, Gwen Harwood published over 420 works, including 386 poems and 13 librettos and she is widely considered one of Australia's greatest poets. If the article above piques your interest, JCU holds numerous copies of Gwen Harwood's works in our print collection at 820A HARW 1B BES to 820A HARW 3 TRI, including The best 100 poems of Gwen HarwoodGwen Harwood: collected poems 1943-1995, and Gwen Harwood, a biography by Stephanie Trigg.

Peter Mathews's Who is My Neighbour?: Tim Winton’s ‘Aquifer’ and the Ghosts of Cloudstreet is a study on the psychology of guilt as debt in Aquifer, a short story by renowned Australian author, Tim Winton. Those interested in reading the short story can find it in The Turning, a collection of short stories by Tim Winton held in the JCU Library print collection at 820A WINT 1B TUR. If it is Tim Winton himself you're interested in learning more about, JCU also recently acquired a copy of The boy behind the curtain, a series of essays on parts of Winton’s life, written by the man himself which can be found at  820A WINT 3 BOY.

JCU users might also recognise some names while browsing ALS, with articles and book reviews contributed by various JCU staff, such Michael Ackland, Victoria Kuttainen and Richard Lansdown, included in the archive.

The ALS archive can also be browsed by subject. You're bound to find something of interest to you in the trove of information provided. Happy reading!

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