Thursday, 16 March 2017

Library Printing Goes 3D

We’re very excited here in the JCU Library to announce our brand new 3D Printing Service!!!

Both the Cairns Library and the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library are now equipped with new Zeus AIO printers. Our librarians have been busy working with the printers, seeing what they can do and having a lot of fun learning what’s possible. Now it’s your turn!

The 3D printing service will be available to all current JCU staff and students. You can find specific details regarding the service from the library website or the brand new 3D Printing LibGuide.

Not an expert in 3D modeling software? No problem. Take some tutorials and get started with free software or find a free model online from one of the many sites dedicated to 3D Printing.

You can choose to print practical objects, something for fun or get creative – there are endless possibilities!

Get started today!

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