Friday, 28 July 2017

Latest One Search improvements now live

The latest iteration of One Search is now live.

Improvements include:
  • Can now hover over Preview button to see sneak preview rather than having to click, a click locks the preview into display
  • Scopus citation counts now link to the citing sources in Scopus (like Web Of Science citation counts link to citing sources in Web Of Science)
  • Subject terms in Preview are now clickable subject searches
  • Accessibility improvements
    • Fixed unintended scroll on focus when using arrow between UI panes
    • Calendar improvements, particular on slider when used in assistive reader
    • Fixed filter/facet on select going to bottom of list
    • Improved screen reader support:
      • for facet/filter state
      • label sort by dropdown
  • Facet navigation tool tips - only included in basic filters, exclude in complex facet edit pane
  • Facet edit pane now clearer about what is included and excluded - and all filters easily reset
  • More prominent permalink placement (Also now in Cite/Email/Save list options)
  • Can now hover over Preview button to see preview (rather than having to click)
  • Improved performance
  • Sort by Date will work better because of better logic around merging of records (which will prevent recent reprints of old works appearing in when date is filtered by more recent dates than original publication date)
  • Improved handling of punctuation and special characters
  • Improved use of synonyms
  • Improved stemming

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