Friday, 2 February 2018

Your Library - available in LearnJCU now

The “Your Library” tool is now available in LearnJCU to any lecturer who wants to turn it on in their site. 

This tool has been enabled to simplify linking students to quality sources of information tailored to the discipline they are studying.

Here are some examples of what turning on Your Library does in a subject:

LA1102 Legal research, writing and analysis will connect to the Law Libguide

DS1101Dental Science will connect to the Dentistry Libguide

BA1001Time, truth, and the human condition will connect to it's own BA1001 Libguide

Turning on Your Library

Your Library is a simple Tool Link that you can add to your site. If you haven’t added other tool links the LearnJCU team, or your liaison librarian can help.  

The Your Library tool when enabled in your menu

Add the Your Library tool via the Tool Link item at the plus sign 
From here, simply search for Your Library in the list, select and give the tool a name e.g. Your Library. 

If you enable the tool and do not see the expected guide please contact your liaison librarian to adjust to any of the following:

  • A specific subject coded libguide you are using in this subject
  • A generic library information guide with links to the entire A-Z databases
  • The correct subject/discipline guide if result is incorrect

See your liaison librarian if you need further assistance. 

Remember, you won't see the menu item 'Your Library' until it is turned on and made visible to students. 

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