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See the 50 Treasures from our Special Collections

The Bay, by Ron Kenny. Photograph of the original artwork taken by Michael Marzik.
Ron Kenny, The Bay, 1968,
watercolour on paper, 54 x 43cm.
James Cook University Art Collection.
© Anne Kenny, 2020.
Photograph: Michael Marzik.

Throughout 2020 we have been showcasing 50 Treasures from our Special Collections to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Cook University.

It has been quite an adventure, and we hope you've had a chance to follow along with us on our posts on this blog. We have had many members of the wider JCU community contributing to these posts - including highly respected experts in their fields - and we are extremely grateful for the work they have put into telling us just why these treasures are significant.

But you can explore the 50 Treasures in more depth!

Seeing the Treasures in Person

If you can find your way to the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville, the exhibition of our 50 Treasures project, 50 Treasures: Celebrating 50 Years of James Cook University, will be on display on the top floor of the gallery until 10 January 2021.

Check the gallery's website for their opening hours.

Seeing the Treasures Online

Can't make it in? You can see the treasures from anywhere in the world.

Our online exhibition showcases each treasure and links to digitisations and high quality photographs.

And you can see the catalogue for the Perc Tucker exhibition online as well, as there is a digital version freely available.

The Investigator (maquette) by Anton Hasell, 1994. Photograph: Michael Marzik


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