Monday, 11 February 2008

Reserve Online available via LearnJCU

Reserve Online, JCU's central repository for digitised readings and past exam papers, is available for linking readings to your 2008 LearnJCU subject site. Staff can now add new readings, or open existing readings that have been imported into their new LearnJCU 2008 site. You can add new material to Reserve Online Submit a request for new material to Reserve Online

How to add links from Reserve Online to your subject site in LearnJCU:

  • Staff can add an item link from Reserve Online to a subject site in LearnJCU using the Link to Reserve Online Module in the '4Staff" tab in LearnJCU. The module includes a training presentation with step by step instructions.
  • This module will enable you to search the digital library (Reserve Online), select readings and add them to specific folders in your LearnJCU subject site. Any items in Reserve Online can be added to your LearnJCU subject site. Each item must be added individually.

Further Assistance:

  • If a site containing Reserve Online links has been transferred from 2007, you may find that the Reserve Online links are BROKEN. In this case email the LearnJCU team (email: who will synchronise the materials for you.
  • Please contact your Liaison Librarian if you need assistance with adding items to LearnJCU
  • Please contact Lending Services staff for other Reserve Online queries

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