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50 Treasures: William Hann's expedition diary

Our thirty-second treasure is one of the original diaries from an expedition that would significantly influence the history of north Queensland settlement. From the Library Archives comes William Hann's diary.

Ian Frazer answers the question "why is this significant?"

William Hann’s respect for the Aboriginal people of Cape York is expressed matter-of-factly in the daily log of his 1872 expedition from Mount Surprise to Princess Charlotte Bay and back.

 Until recently, seeing this pocket-sized diary involved visiting JCU’s Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville armed with a pencil, gloves and digital camera. The Hann Family Archive has been in the safe keeping of JCU Library’s Special Collections for the past 40 years. Now, digitised as one of Special Collections’ 50 Treasures, Hann’s daily diary notes on the Northern Expedition — June 26 to November 11, 1872 — can be studied online alongside his official expedition diary (published in June, 1873), and easily accessible o…
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Story Box Library

Imagine the best stories being read aloud to you by our favourite storytellers!Story Box Library is a new resource for the JCU library collection. Watch celebrated stories read aloud by our favourite storytellers. A fantastic literary resource for pre-school through upper primary-aged school children. A range of actors, sports people, authors, illustrators and more share their unique voices in an ever growing library. It's story time, anytime!

Story Box Library focuses solely on local stories and voices.Story Box Library consists of 300 stories.Each story comes with tailored Classroom Ideas and/or Activity Time that are specifically created for the Australian Curriculum, further connecting children to the themes of each story.Storytellers are chosen to ensure a broad range of voices, ages, gender and backgrounds to ensure diversity.Closed Captions are available for each story. Use it as a bedtime tale, a facilitator for discussion in the classroom, a complement to library storytime,…

50 Treasures: Landsberg's map of Kennedy

Our thirty-first treasure is a precious, linen-mounted folding map from 1860 orginally created to assist settlers and pastoralists in their explorations of north Queensland. From the Rare Book Collection comes the Map of Queensland, northern portion, District of Kennedy compiled from the explorations of Dr. Leichardt, Sir T.L. Mitchell & A.C. Gregory Esq. and other authentic sources by Leopold Franz Landsberg.

Ron Store answers the question "why is this significant?"

The map created by Leopold Franz Landsberg held in Special Collections at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library was purchased with the financial assistance of the Landsberg family in 1992. The late Gordon Landsberg, of Trafalgar Station, was the grandson of Leopold.

50 Treasures: Laurie Bragge's Kiap Photo Albums

Our thirtieth treasure celebrates both our newest collection and the International Day of the Tropics. From the Bragge Collection comes Laurie Bragge's Kiap period photo albums volume 1 and volume 2. 

Daniela Vávrová answers the question "why is this significant?" 

‘The Ice-cold early mornings were clear of cloud and I could see the snow-clad tops of the Star Mountains in West Irian. Back towards Telefomin mists cascaded like slow motion waterfalls from mountain ridges down into two valleys, which I now know to be the Aki and Tabu which in turn are the headwaters of the August River.’ Laurie Bragge 29-30 September 1964 (from diaries in Sepik IV Part I, p. 338)

Bragge’s service as a kiap (Australian patrol officer) in PNG gave him unique opportunities to document the lives of the peoples among whom he lived and worked. He not only produced a series of official reports between 1961 and 1975 for the Australian government, but also kept rich field diaries, recorded and transc…