Saturday, 21 June 2008

Exam Tips #1

When preparing for exams, check to see if the library holds any past exam papers (the School might, if the library doesn't).

You will get a feeling for the kinds of questions asked on the exams, and the sorts of information you need to refresh. Try to answer every question on the past exams as part of your preparation - even if you only use a couple of sentences.

You will also find that past exams are often mined for questions for current exams. They might not ask the exact same questions from year to year, but they will probably touch on the same themes.

If there are any "themes" you don't feel one hundred percent confident with, that should help you guide your revision.

Also, hit the library or the Internet to come up with some great quotes to answer a few of those questions and "keep them up your sleeve". You might get the chance to use them in the actual exam, and it will impress the socks off your markers.

Taken from: Information Literacy and Other Research Skills

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