Monday, 16 June 2008

Need a quiet place to study? Try the library's Silent Zone and Quiet Study Areas.

  • Did you know that we have a TOTAL SILENCE ZONE along the southern wall on the top floor of the library building? This zone has been established for those students who want absolute silence while studying.
  • Conditions of access for these areas are: No mobile phones; No children.
  • Other areas in the Library are for quiet conversation, including the Western Group Presentation Room on the top floor, the Seminar room and Student lounge on the first floor (eastern end) and the Coffee Friendly Zone located on the ground floor adjacent to Copying Services.
  • All areas are clearly marked on the Library floor plans.


  • The whole top floor of the library is a SILENT STUDY AREA. Children are allowed but it is the parent/adult's responsibility to ensure that they do not disturb other library patrons throughout the library.
  • Group study and quiet conversation is acceptable on the ground and first floors of the Library. The ground floor is a Coffee Friendly Zone, with the exception of the computer workstations in the Reading Room and in the Learning Center.
  • All areas are clearly marked on the library floor plans.

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