Thursday, 10 July 2008

Tips for Studying in Block Mode, #1

Ah, yes, block mode.

An interesting form of study. On the one hand it gets subjects over and done with rather quickly, on the other hand it's a bit like the Tour de France: a hard slog that barely gives you time to notice how much you're hurting.

My first tip for surviving... er... studying in block mode is to think about it as an endurance sport. You won't get anywhere by thinking about how big an undertaking the whole thing is, you have to take it one manageable stage at a time.

So, think about each week as a stage in your tour. Set goals to achieve for that week, and give yourself a reward for every goal that you can tick off your list. Even giving yourself a gold star can make the world seem like a brighter place.

Don't worry so much about the work you have to do next week. Next week is a good enough time to worry about that. Of course, if you have something due on the Monday of next week, you might want to incorporate it into this week's goals...

And, remember, the library is still there, and the librarians have less students to work with at the moment, which gives them more time to help you. They're more than happy to help you tackle the research you need for your assignments.

So, remember, you've got a support crew and you only have to tackle the studies one stage at a time. You're not doing it all on your own, and you're not doing it all in one hit. Breathe, put 'one foot in front of the other' and work steadily. You'll get there in the end.

Taken from Information Literacy and Other Research Skills

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