Friday, 15 August 2008

New Trials

Student and staff of JCU have trial access to the following services. A password is not required on campus, off campus access is not available for the trail but would be if JCU subscribed.
  1. Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online - AAAS An authoritative collection of Policy Statements, Interpretations, Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards, Auditing Guidance Statements and related documents online.
    Trial URL is:
    Trial is available to 8/9/2008.

  2. GEOnetBASE -A library of e-books on Geotechnical Engineering including topics such as Hydrology and Soil Science. Content of the books may be searched individually or across the collection. Click on the "Read it Online!" link for the full text.
    Trial URL is
    Trial is available to 15/9/2008.
Links are also available via the library trials page.

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