Thursday, 18 September 2008

Exhibition on the walls in the Cairns Library

Pindogori: The Art of Every Day Life: Art and bilums from the Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

JCU Library, Cairns is hosting a collection of art by PNG poet and artist Mr Purago W Marabe: incorporating a display of traditional string-bags (bilums) from his homeland of Okapa. Purago’s art depicts scenes from his North Fore (pronounced foray) cultural roots, ranging from daily village life, including origin narratives, totems, and political statements. This collection includes paintings from 2001 – 2008.

Bilums represent one of the most colourful features of PNG traditional culture. They are necessary items of everday life: a functional and ceremonial item of fore culture. Traditional designs reflect the surrounding environment, e.g., snakes, mountains, and trees. Some of the newer patterns include ‘highway to paradise’, ‘maggi noodle’ and ‘computer’.

The exhibition is presented in association with the School of Arts and Social Sciences and with the assistance of the Queensland Museum. Come along and see this interesting mixture of PNG cultural works. The exhibition is open library hours.

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