Monday, 1 December 2008

Housekeeping for Computer Accounts

When you leave JCU, it won't be long before your computer account (and therefore access to email, homes drive & Internet) becomes disabled. If you are graduating, you are eligible for a JCU email forwarding address for life - more information about applying for this for this can be found at the Graduates Online FAQ.

If you are a postgraduate by research work then you will retain access to your email account for a 12 month period starting from the date you hand in your final paper. If you are not graduating, but are withdrawing, suspending or deferring your studies, your computer account will likely be disabled shortly after. It is advisable to make sure that automatic email forwarding is already in place to another email address before this happens. Emails will be forwarded for 6 months before the account is removed from the system.

You might want to make sure that you have taken copies of important files from your Homes drive.

If you are a staff member finishing up work, your computer account will automatically be extended for one month - this will allow email access only, NOT Internet access outside JCU. You might also want to arrange automatic email forwarding.

If your computer account has become disabled, you can request a short extension - by way of your head of school, lecturer, manager or supervisor. They can email InfoHelp with a valid reason for this extension (5 days only). An extension will ONLY give email access, NOT Internet access to pages outside JCU.

See Information about your Central ITR Account for more details about how your JCU computer account is managed.

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