Monday, 12 January 2009

Student account reconciliation

From 12/01/09, ITR will be performing a reconciliation of student accounts against the JCU Student Management System.

This will mean that graduated and non-current students will have their accounts deactivated per the Student Information Access Policy

Deactivated account's files and email will be retained for 6 months, but account use is restricted to that of an email forwarding mechanism only; no login.

If there is a requirement to continue to receive email to your current JCU email address (e.g. during this period, you must set up a mail forward via your Mirapoint Webmail account before 12/01/09.

After this date only InfoHelp will be able to change your Mirapoint mail forwarding options. Once the retention period is up, mail to your address will no longer be forwarded and will be discarded.

Graduating students can, however log into GraduatesOnline to set up a mail forward for the email-for-life address. This will allow the University and your colleagues to continue to provide information past graduation.

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