Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Art and Life in the Tropics: Tracking Paradise

Now hanging in the foyer of the JCU Cairns library are works by local artist and School of Creative Arts PhD candidate, Angela Meyer.

This exhibition series of works comprises of portraits and still life's painted within the last ten years. The portraits depict artists from the region including, Ray Crooke, Amanda Feher and Helen Wiltshire, as well as an artist Angela I have studied with, at Sydney College of the Arts, Tania Wursig. The still lifes are a response to the tropical plants, fruits and flowers found in the region. Grouping these works together was initially inspired by the portrait of Helen Wiltshire, who is a well known and celebrated local artist. Her work directly confronts the essence of our tropical environment, as though her pictures try to make sense of the unique qualities in our wet tropic zone.

You can view the exhibition during JCU Cairns library opening hours until mid April.
Image: Ray Crooke, oil on canvas, detail

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