Monday, 2 March 2009

Net Access

ITR will commence the full rollout of NetAccess on the 2/3/09.

NetAccess is the system JCU uses to account for staff and students internet usage. You can manually authenticate to NetAccess using the link above, or when attempting to access an external internet site, you should be redirected to the NetAccess Authentication page, where you will be prompted for your JCU username and password. After entering your details, a pop-up will appear with your current remaining NetAccess balance and you will be taken to the Internet site you requested. Any programs on your computer will be able to access the Internet as long as the NetAccess pop-up remains open, so in order to use other programs such as skype or an instant messaging program, you will need to authenticate to NetAccess first. When you are finished using the internet, close the NetAccess pop up and your computer will no longer have access to external sites.
If you are using a browser that blocks pop-ups, you may have to allow the address ‘’ before the NetAccess pop-up can be displayed. If the NetAccess pop-up is blocked, your internet session will time out after 10 minutes. Instructions on how to allow pop-ups at JCU for supported web browsers can be found here.
Find out more on the NetAccess guide and Central Computing bulletins.

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