Monday, 11 May 2009

Credo Reference - New Features & Gadgets

Based on feedback from librarians and users, Credo has enhanced their basic search page with key new features:

An image-only search
Searching Credo's 200,000+ images just got easier. From the Search page, select the Image Search tab and enter your search term to view related images. Similarly, you can access our Concept Map by clicking the Concept Search tab.

A featured content section
    Our Featured Content area will spotlight interesting searches and content related to current events. Featured Content will be updated regularly and remain timely. We welcome suggestions for the Featured Content area.
An indication of the content you may find in Credo
    The search page now includes suggestions for how to use Credo. Under 'Use Credo Reference to find', you can click through to all our encyclopedias, dictionaries and biographical titles or get quick access to our measurements conversion tool and crossword solver.
Credo's current Gadgets have proven very popular, and now there are two new gadgets:
  • Image search
  • Pronunciation search
Use the Image search to find photos, illustrations or maps. Need to know how to pronounce a term? Type your word into our Pronunciations gadget to find out.

Credo's Gadgets are accessible from the navigation pane at the top of each page. Gadgets will open on the right side of your Credo pages. Use them to get a quick definition, look up a person, solve your crossword puzzle and much more.

Use Credo Reference to find: encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, quotations, bilingual dictionaries, crossword solver, measurement conversions and more. Go and check it out for yourself. Just follow the link to databases from the Library homepage or go direct.

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