Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Where Art Meets Biology

Well, the ANZAC display (which was brought to us courtesy of the Prictors and the North Queensland Photographic Collection) has been packed away. It was a really good display - certainly very popular with our visitors - and our thanks go to everyone who contributed.

It left us with a slight problem though - the new display cabinet. Man, that thing was awkward to move (we really need to put it on casters at some point). Quite frankly, none of us was willing to move it just yet, so we decided to leave everything out there and just put up a new display.

It just so happens that we have a number of rare books that chronicle the biological drawings of scientists and botanists like Joseph Banks, and the like. We also have a reasonable number of books on our main shelves about botanical and ornithological illustrations.

Makes for quite a pretty display, really. There's something about scientific illustrations that's just plain impressive. But why don't you come in to the Mabo Library (Townsville) and see for yourself?

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