Monday, 13 July 2009

Random Book Review: Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia

The Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia is one of the newer books in our collection. Written by Michael J Tyler and Frank Knight, the book is a slim volume - easily slipped into a pack - which consists of short descriptions and colour illustrations of Australian frogs.

We actually have quite a number of field guides to Australian frogs in our library, but this one stands out from the crowd by virtue of Frank Knight's illustrations.

Frank Knight used to work as an illustrator for CSIRO's Division of Wildlife Research, and he has illustrated a number of other Field Guides, such as the Field Guide to the Birds of Australia.

Knight's illustrations are beautiful and practical, and allow you to see the frogs in similar poses, so you can better compare the differences.

The only thing I found disappointing was that the frogs are all grouped scientifically. As a "field guide", I thought it might be more practical if they were grouped according to their general locations. That way, a frog watcher in North Queensland would be able to narrow down to relevant information more quickly, instead of having to wade though frogs found in Victoria and Western Australia.

You can find the book on the top floor of both campus libraries, at 597.890994 TYL - provided, of course, the copies haven't been checked out. Even if they have, you'll find other guides to Australian Frogs at the same shelf location.

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