Thursday, 5 November 2009

Stress Relief - ZooBorns

So, the exams are more or less upon us. Some poor suckers, er, I mean, "students" have already started their exams, others are looking down the barrel in the next couple of weeks.

It's at this time of semester when we often find students need a little bit of distraction every now and then for their sanity. We always like to help our students with their, ah, "information" needs, so we thought we might provide a link or two to some pages that will be distracting.

Today, it's ZooBorns.

This is a page that is entirely devoted to baby animals born in zoos around the world. It's quite an education, actually. I'm sure you'll find some animals you've never even heard of before.

A word of warning, though, it is a very good time waster. Follow this link at your peril, if you have more pressing work to do...

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