Tuesday, 8 December 2009

2009 Christmas Displays

If you happen to be in either of the JCU library buildings in the lead up to Christmas, make sure you take a look at our Christmas displays. We have an eclectic range of displays this year. In Townsville we've decided to create another Book Christmas Tree, but this time we've taken a different approach.

We've also embraced the do-it-yourself life-style with a display dedicated to making your own Christmas Stuff. All of the decorations in this display were made by people in InfoHelp and Lending Services, and we've got books on everything from making your own Christmas cards to making your own wooden toys.

Up in Cairns, they always have to go the extra mile. While the Townsville mob were re-envisioning the Book Christmas Tree, the folks in Cairns came up with a whole Book Sculpture of Santa and his sleigh. You really should check it out - it's an ingenious combination of book stands, bound journals and the laws of physics. The Townsville librarians suspect there is probably one book you could pull out which would make the whole thing collapse. We may or may not be willing to offer a reward to whoever finds that book and requests it from the InfoHelp staff...

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Nicole Johnston said...

Wow the displays look great. Especially love the Santa