Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Australia Day 2010

(Yeah ok, it was on Tuesday, but we were closed.)

Australians are fond of building "big" things to indicate just why their little corner of this country is so special. Queensland alone has a pineapple, a mandarin, a cassowary, a crocodile, and a gumboot in XXXL. The Mabo library's Australia Day display this year has some pictures chosen from and we are using them under the Creative Commons license showing some of these big things and other images that represent Australia.

We also went to the trouble of building our own big thing, in this case a curlew that shows we think curlews are great and worthy of giving it "large".

This curlew has a name but so far he's keeping it a secret (he's told a couple of the librarians but that's all- curlews are a bit shy). If you think you know his name, add a comment on this blog post, at the end of O'week look out for another post that anounces the winner of a $20 voucher to spend at the Uni bookshop*. Coooo-eeeee!

In other Australia Day news, congratulations to Professor Patrick McGorry, mental health expert on being awarded Australian of the Year 2010.

* Winners will only be selected from the JCU community.


Arielle said...

I reckon this is the Bush Stone Curlew. A very noisy and beautiful bird. His full scientific name is Burhinus grallarius.

Agnes said...

His name is Patrick!

Agnes said...

Or maybe Bruce!