Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Reserve Online outage in LearnJCU 2010

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties during the migration to LearnJCU 2010, Reserve Online items cannot currently be published via the usual method to subject sites. This also affects the availability of Reserve Online items transferred from 2009 subject sites. LearnJCU staff are working with the vendor to resolve the issue before the commencement of SP1, 2010.

Please note that Academic staff can continue to submit Reserve Online requests to be processed and those items will be available using the Digital Library link in the Staff Resources > Reserve Online tab in LearnJCU. Further advice will be provided when Reserve Online items can be published in the usual way.

If you require Reserve Online items to be available in your site prior to the commencement of SP1, please use the following alternative procedure to publish your materials:

1. In LearnJCU go to the Staff Resources tab > Reserve Online sub-tab > Click the Access the Digital Library link > Click the Enter the Digital Library link
2. Search for your item and, once located, right click on the left most icon next your item. If you are using Firefox as your browser choose 'Copy Link Location'. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser choose 'Copy Shortcut' '
3. Go to the area in your subject site where you wish to place the Reserve Online item (eg. Subject materials), ensure Edit Mode is ON, then from the Build pulldown choose Create an External Link
4. Type in the Name of the item and paste in the URL then click Submit. Your Reserve Online item will now be available in your site.

For more information please contact: learnjcu@jcu.edu.au

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