Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Scheduled Weekend Outage - ICT Maintenance Window 9-11 July

A reminder to the University community of the upcoming Major ICT Maintenance Window on the weekend 9th-11th July.

Major ICT Maintenance Windows are weekends (from 7pm Friday and 11pm Sunday) when the entire JCU network and all services will be unavailable to allow upgrades to be performed. Note: These windows are for server, storage, backup and network hardware and operating system upgrades not for software and information system upgrades. These scheduled outages have been notified previously to the campus and also via Central Computing Bulletins.

The overall criterion used in selecting these dates was to minimise impact on academic activities. There will be another Major ICT Maintenance Window 20th-21st November after the completion of SP2. Regular ICT Maintenance Windows are important to ensure that software and infrastructure is properly patched, and changes to provide better services can be implemented on a timely basis. The ICT Maintenance Windows should be taken into account when planning any University event which requires any ICT services on-campus, including video conferencing.

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