Friday, 30 July 2010

Two Haiku Review Entry

Macquarie Australian Encyclopedic Dictionary : Australia's National Dictionary. North Ryde: Macquarie Library, 2006. Reviewed in two haiku by Liz Downes

Australian words
reveal their deepest meanings

Useful for crosswords
settles family disputes
excellent doorstop

Have you read a book held in one of our libraries that you could review in two haiku? Please send us your two haiku reviews. We will post our favourite reviews here on the Library & Computing News Blog, and use all of the entries in displays throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, the writers of our all time favourite two haiku reviews will win double movie passes to BCC cinemas.

We call this: The JCU Two Haiku Review for Semester Two.

There are some rules:

1. The subject of your review can be any book on any subject, as long as we hold it in one of our libraries in Townsville or Cairns. You can review a book that has already been reviewed.
2. You must review the book in two haiku, each following the standard English haiku pattern (seventeen syllables, divided into three lines: 5 - 7 - 5). The first haiku should summarise the contents of the book (such as the plot); the second should give your opinion of it.
3. While you don't have to follow any of the other standard conventions for writing haiku, we may give extra consideration to writers who have used them when it comes to deciding prize winners. However, we are most likely to choose two haiku reviews that best capture the essence of the book.
4. While we will happily post anonymous reviews, we have to be able to identify you to consider you for any prizes, so please sign your work with your student number.

Please send your two haiku reviews to with the post title "Two Haiku Review".

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