Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Children's Book Week

As is our tradition here at the Mabo Library, we put up our Children's Book Week display over a week early so it could be knocked over by hoards of children visiting on Open Day.

This year's display was particularly likely to end in a messy pile of books, as the theme for this year's Children's Book Week is "across the story bridge".

To fit in with the theme, we incorporated a bridge into the design of our display. It's made entirely out of bound copies of the Australian Parliamentary Papers and is held together with gravity. Quite frankly, the slightest bump will result in an avalanche of exceptionally boring reading material.

Algernon was expecting everything to go horribly wrong once the children started coming into the building during Open Day. The wuss even spent the whole day hiding in the office. However, much to our surprise, the bridge still stands.

More importantly, we've got the short-listed books from the CBC Book of the Year Awards in the display as well. It's a corker of a selection this year - my personal favourite being Fearless, by Colin Thompson and Sarah Davis, closely followed by Mr Chicken Goes to Paris, by Leigh Hobbs.

You should come in and take a look at the books. Just don't knock over the bridge.

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