Monday, 23 August 2010

New and/or Improved Referencing Guides!

We've been spending some quality time on our Referencing Guides lately.

APA, Vancouver, Harvard, Chicago, MLA... We've converted them all to our LibGuides format - in some cases creating completely new guides.

These guides are living documents, and we expect to make changes as we get feedback from our users (that would be you), so make sure you tell us what you think works (or doesn't). We've experimented with different formats across the different styles, and we are looking to see which ideas get the best responses.

You can find links to the new guides on most of our LibGuides, as well as on the Library's A-Z page and the How Two Guides index.

Plus, you can get to it by going directly to this page, here:

We believe in multiple access points in this library.

Please, use one of these access points to take a look at the guides and tell us what you think. Oh, and you should also feel free to use them to help create your reference lists for your assignments.

1 comment:

Sharon B said...

"We should put up a Library News post about the new referencing guides," she says.

"Sure thing," I reply, assuming that by "we" she really means "me".

"It needs to be sexy and cute," she says.

"What now?"

"It needs to be sexy and cute," she repeats, as if it should have made sense the first time.

"A news post about referencing guides? You want that to be sexy and cute?"


"The referencing guides?"


"Sexy and cute?"


"Because APA and Vancouver referencing styles naturally lend themselves to cute sexiness?"

"No, but you can make it sexy and cute."

"Because I have amazing magical powers?"

"Whatever. Just put up a post about our new LibGuide for Referencing Styles. And while you're at it, can you make sure links to the guide turn up on the LibGuides list, the How To Guides page and the Library's A-Z list?"

"Sure thing."

"And try to make the post sexy and cute."

"Never going to happen."