Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Trials of three new online services.

1. Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences. A collection of electronic books in series covering Cell Biology of Medicine, Developmental Biology and Integrated Systems Physiology, with further series under development.

The Colloquium Digital Library
is available to 15 October 2010 at this URL:

2.Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. A collection of electronic books that aim to synthesise important research or development topics in the engineering and computer sciences.

The Synthesis Digital Library trial is available to 15 October 2010 at this URL:

3. Pier Professional Health & Social Care Journal Collection A Collection of 23 journals on Ageing, Crime & Forensics, Learning Disability,Mental Health and Learning Disability.

The Pier Professional Journals trial is available to 8 November 2010 at this URL:

These trials are available both on campus or off campus (with a JCU user name and password).
The trial links are also to be found on the library Trials web page

If you have any feedback either positive or negative please let us know.

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