Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scheduled Outages Tuesday and Thursday - Internet Connection

5th April 6-8am
Central Computing Bulletin Source

Cairns will be migrated to the new network connection provided by AARNet.

Cairns is currently connected to the Townsville campus over an ATM link. AARNet has provided network equipment in Cairns to connect directly into the AARNet network and allow a 1Gb ethernet connection between the campuses.

The work will be performed between 6-8am with expected downtime to be no more than an hour as all the connections are switched over
and tested.

7th April 6-8am
Central Computing Bulletin Source

Our Internet provider, AARNet, has built a new 2.5Gbps ethernet ring to be used between our campuses and connection to Brisbane. On Thursday, 7th of April, we will be shifting our current equipment to this new ring.

We will still only be using 1Gb connections at this point in time until new equipment can be purchased and installed to accomodate the available bandwidth.

This migration will occur between 6-8am and is expected to take no more than an hour to transfer connections and test connectivity.

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